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EPICÒ LUXURY BRAND HOME FRAGRANCES is sponsoring "Milan Skyline Vibes", an event organized by "Camera Italiana Buyer moda – The Best Shop" (Italian fashion buyers' Chamber), which will be held sunday, june 17th from 8 pm to 12 pm, in one of the most historical locations in the capital city of fashion and culture. Terrazza Martini, one of the most ancient terraces in the centre of Milan, is located on the 15th floor of the skyscraper in Palazzo Diaz, standing out above the Duomo pinnacles and the city roofs. Many world-class artists and scholars have met in this international place where art, fashion, trend and refined pleasure are fused together in a unique, luxurious style. Milan's incredible skyline, a light breeze and a refreshing drink will add to everybody's passion and enthusiasm during this memorable scent display. Nothing can bring back memories and feelings like a scent: you will experience the same timeless wonder and astonishment as you breathe each one of the Epicò fragrances, which open a door on the magical world of emotions and sensations. During the evening, the fragrance of the eight scented waters by Epicò will be vaporized in the loft; bunches of cotton flowers sprayed with perfume will be spread everywhere, to draw people into an incredible sensory experience. The refined appearance of the perfume bottles makes their display even more unique. Every little detail is carefully studied to emphasize the personality, value and Italian origin of the scent contained. The dark blue bottle is designed so that its hand-crafted, aged copper label stands out, and matches perfectly with the magical atmosphere of the event. Epicò makes you find new places inside yourself. It leaves you gripped with indescribable feelings. Epicò, the scent of home.